City of stones and the river of sand

December - 1997
Place: Jaisalmer

The images were shot in Jaisalmer during the day. and the words were cast into their elements during the evenings. It was a zero Itinerary trip to the island of Jaisalmer and the region.
Island because I found it to be a cultural capsule floating in the middle of nowhere, almost without purpose, without destination and without much change over past 800 years….

The Images and words are not supposed to have any connection. If you find any, its purely your imagination and ability/habit to connect.

They were randomly juxtaposed, next to each other, by people I don’t remember now.

For me these are primarily moments frozen, and stolen from time. Neither the words nor the pictures were ever cropped or edited once created.

I would greatly appreciate if you can share your experience after visiting the following leaves on the website.

Find ahead 5 groups, containing 5 images and 5 ‘word clusters’ each. Bearing the same title…

… for me it was just the process of discovering the same elements at different times.

Than I thought… ‘nothing’

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